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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reader Family Photo Submission - Catalina Swimsuit

Last week Leanne, one of our dear readers, contacted me and sent along some images of her family members she wanted to share with me and I'm so glad she did because now I can share them with you.

Leanne writes "My grandmother's name was Lee Price. The girl on the left (above) is her sister in law. I know her as Nannee Nell and she is still alive. I don't know the specific year, but I would guess it was shortly after WWII. The beach is either close to Houston, where my grandmother worked for Howard Hughes as a secretary, or (more likely) on a South Louisiana beach or bayou (ick) where my grandfather was from.

It's funny that so many pictures that I found were swimsuit pictures. As a child we took yearly trips to Destin and she would put on her suit, but wouldn't go into the water because she didn't want to get her hair wet! "

"I was browsing on your site last night and fell in love with the 40's yellow Catalina 'Hawaiian fish' suit. My grandmother passed last year and I was looking at some old pictures we had scanned into our family website tonight and I found a picture of her in that suit! I had to share the coincidence with you!"

Isn't that fabulous? I love seeing images and hearing stories like this. If you have any images to share please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much Leanne. It is so wonderful seeing your Grandmother and Nannee Nell as young girls and hearing the story. Give my best to Nannee!


BaronessVonVintage said...

that is just beyond wonderful!!!

Lizzy said...

WOW!! what a nice coincidence! lovely pictures