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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Beach Themed Hand Towel

Isn't this just the sweetest hand towel you've ever seen? It just happens to be my favorite theme, it's handmade, it's vintage and it's in pristine condition. I found it on one of my shopping days. I'm not sure if I'll frame it or just display it. It's just one of those things that's not for actual use, it's there just to be admired and looked at. How ironic that it's a hand towel and can't be 'touched' so to speak. This will stay as part of my personal collection.

The figure and umbrella were pieced together first, then it was all completely hand stitched and embroidered on top of the base linen towel.

There are no labels, and I'm not sure of the date. But, whomever originally created this did an amazing job! Thank you!


Kori said...

This is adorable! Hope you are having a great week doll. Kori xoxo

puddin said...

Something like from the 30's or 40's...Hand made things were a great way to keep busy.

Great find!

puddin said...

Great Find!