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Friday, February 25, 2011

Women on Waves Exhibit at the California Surf Museum

This week my husband and I went down to Southern California to visit the California Surf Museum in Oceanside to see the Women on Waves exhibit. It's a very well done exhibit which focuses on Women & Surfing History. Glamoursurf supplied a number of vintage swimsuits for the exhibit and it was fabulous seeing them on display along with supporting images and placards discussing the history of the sport. Roxy is a major sponsor of the exhibit and purchased the suits Glamoursurf supplied for their archives.

This is an Annette Kellerman labeled swimsuit on the right and a picture of her in the background in the same suit.

Two piece satin lastex swimsuit.

A beaver tail wetsuit.

While we were there we had the opportunity to meet some of the staff, shop in the gift shop and learn a little about how all of this began. While perusing around the gift shop, we found this lovely image created by KILLKOBRA which was created for the museum. Aren't both of these graphics just fabulous? The top image was created on a t-shirt and was also made into gift cards. We purchased the card so I'll be able to hang this in my office once I frame it, but I really really want to wear it. Seriously, I want one on a sweatshirt!!! Pretty please!

And just a small video on the history of surfing in general.

If you have a chance to get to Oceanside before the end of Feb. go and visit the museum. It's a fabulous exhibit.

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BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, fantastic!!! What a cool exhibit!