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Monday, March 21, 2011

1944 Joset Walker - The Most Exciting Catch of the Seaon

One of the things I love most about vintage ads is when they mention the designer name or give other clues in print. This ad for Enka Rayon from 1944 not only gives us the name of the print of the material but the name of the designer. And this designer is one of my absolute favorites, Joset Walker.

1944 Enka Rayon Advertisement

'The most exciting catch of the season, Joset Walker halter dress and jacket in Onondaga's Marine Print of Enka Rayon. Available at Peck & Peck, Julius Garfinckel and I Magnin.'

Not only is the print fabulous but, oh my, that dress! Swoon worthy indeed, check out the halter neck, fitted bodice and matching little bolero jacket to boot.

In researching for this post I looked for more info about 'Onondaga's Marine Print' to no avail, but when I changed that search to Enka Rayon, the results were well, intriguing. So I'm off into cyber space to yet another little sidetrack.

1 comment:

kimbo said...

Thank you for posting my aunt, Joset walker's designs and history. She was not very talkative in my youth and researching her achievements has been an enjoyable undertaking