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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artistic Three Dimensional Vintage Inspired Swimsuits

Artist Courtney McCrone has begun working on a series of recycled bathing suits as part of her AP Concentration in Cleveland, and I am just floored. These are so beautiful and you can see she has a love for vintage. I'm lovin this cardboard extravaganza, the lines, the shape, the juxtaposition of materials. Bravo Courtney! Can't wait to see the rest of what she comes up with.

Artist Statement:

"Bathing suits have been invented for the human figure to feel comfortable while wearing a suit, right?? Well, believe it or not, very few people actually get that amazing feeling of sporting a swim suit, for a number of different reasons. Therefore, I am creating a series of bathing suits showing the juxtaposition of what suits are really meant for.

So far I have completed 4 out of the 12 that we need to be finished with in a month. Oh yeah, each project needs to be totally finished within a week. Which is 7 days…which can get pretty stressful if one is trying to attempt to have a life and if lucky get enough sleep at the same time. But anyways! Enough about me…

I have so far made suits out of tree bark, cardboard, duct tape, and clear packaging tape. All of which resemble different feelings that can come from wearing a swim suit. For example, with my clear packaging tape suit (pic is above), I made the suit out of that to express the feeling of being watched while walkin down the beach…or wherever you may be while sporting a suit… "

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