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Monday, April 4, 2011

1964 New Swim Suits - Soft Beach Styles Emphasize Natural Beauty

It takes a good figure to wear this seasons new bathing suits. Bikinis have always made certain demands upon the wearer, but now even the less revealing one piece suits are making girls count their calories. But the new suits are also much less constrictive and more comfortable, because the are designed with a minimum of inner construction and made of soft fabrics which cling or drape.

Crepe, a fabric that has been reserved for cocktail and evening gowns now turns up for swimming. Happily, designers have taken some pity on their customers and have occasionally added cover-ups. These include skirts, and pull over sweaters. Along with the feeling for the natural female form is a feeling for femininity, sometimes as all out as a ruffle, sometimes as subtle as a sash. The following images are of the new suits are photographed by Don Ornitz in the Olympic Rain Forest in Washington State, a setting of untrammeled beauty which sets off these natural beauties.

Enclosed by moss-covered trees, a green jersey suit by Cole of California $30.00 ($214.00 in todays dollar) has soft, bloused top, thin string straps and a sashed waist.

Standing in a stream fed by glaciers from the nearby mountains, this girl wears a bikini by Rose Marie Reid, $28.00 ($200.00 in todays dollar), made of pliable leather that is treated to withstand water.

Gallantly sheltered by slicker-clad woodsmen from the rainforest's almost perpetual downpour, these girls wear a variety of patterns in black and white. From left: knit with bloused top by Rose Marie Reid $26.00 ($185.00 in todays dollar), a low-back tank suit by Jantzen, $26.00 ($185.00 in todays dollar), mixed patterns by Cabana, $18.00 ($128.00 in todays dollar) and a print bikini by Catalina $17.00 ($121.00 in todays dollar).

This lady leans against a mossy rock in her white crepe suit by Harbor Road $26.00 ($185.00 in todays dollar). It's strapless top is sashed to give the high waisted Empire look. This is the first time crepe has been used for swimming.

Lying on a fern covered bank, this girl wears a knit suit by Harbor road, $26.00 ($185.00 in todays dollar) that is as relaxed as she is. The suit is a sleeveless, scoop neck sweater pulled down over bikini brief pants.

There is something faintly suggestive about this girl who peeks out from a grove of moss covered birch. She wears a turtle neck sweater over a matching one piece swimsuit by Peter Pan, $20.00 ($142.00 in todays dollar). Fabric is a new weave that simulates silk knit.

Standing ankle deep in Lake Quinault, this young woman displays a printed jersey bikini by Rose Marie Reid, $20.00 ($142.00 in todays dollar) that gives her an innocent little-girl look. It consists of a flounced skirt and similarly flounced top held up by narrow straps.

In a gray , misty afternoon at Lake Quinault - where most days are apt to be misty - and these girls are ready for harder rain. Their sister suits byRudi Gernreich, $35.00 ($250.00 in todays dollar) are bikinis and have separate skirts which pull up under the bra tops to give the effect of a high waisted one piece style. Rudi calls these designs his Kabuki suits, after the obi shape of bra.

At Ruby Beach every tide brings driftwood. In her cotton bikini and overskirt byCabana, $34.00 ($242.00 in todays dollar), this girl leans against a bleached hulk of a tree that resembles some huge bone out of the prehistoric past.