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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rose Marie Reid Swimwear Fashions

The brilliant swimwear designs of Rose Marie Reid are seen in these photos which have the particular suits called out and named. We'll be showing more of these all week along with some interesting Rose Marie Reid trivia.

"Gondola" by Rose Marie Reid

"Simplicity" by Rose Marie Reid

Did you know: Rose Marie Reid was the first swimwear designer to come out with more than one line per year, including a late summer line and a resort & cruise wear line.

"Hayride" by Rose Marie Reid

"Limelight" by Rose Marie Reid

"Simplicity" by Rose Marie Reid

I think these are all beautiful. The cuts, the patterns, the design, even the naming conventions. Limelight sounds like some refreshing drink on a cool summers eve. I wish the photographs were in color. Do you have a favorite? More tomorrow, stay tuned!


Monique Rondeau said...

I love "Hayride"! That little detail work on the side is divine! I just thrifted a bunch of 50's suits that I can't wait to wear. One of the is a Rose Marie Reid, its black. Need to have it cleaned before swimsuit season!

Glamoursurf said...

Isn't hayride adorable? How fun for you t find one of her suits. They are incredibly well made. Keep an eye on our blog posts this week, there are more RMR's coming, you may just see yours.