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Monday, May 2, 2011

1953 Vanity Fair Innovations

We posted this image on Friday and asked a trivia question: which Brand it is and from what year. The answer is 1953. Does that surprise you? How about the fact that it's Vanity Fair?

Vanity Fair introduced the leopard print into their lingerie line in 1953, which became a favorite with customers. Other innovation to Vanity Fair in 1953 included the launch of Shevelva, a new type of light, velour type nylon tricot fabric. Other popular prints introduced int he fifties included the mermaid, butterfly and zebra. These bold and unusual patterns helped Vanity Fair transform underwear from dull necessity to appealing fashion accessory.

The Vanity Fair Crest was also introduced in 1953. The design incorporated the cameo, the original symbol of Vanity Fair and a small Pennsylvania-German design, in recognition of the companies original location. Feathers interlaced with ribbons and pearls, along with a stylized camellia flower, representing the full flower of the South. The center of the elaborate design contained the Vanity Fair monogram and the company signature appeared at the bottom. An in house publication noted the plumes at the top reflected the "consistent and tireless effort to achieve the Best and most Beautiful, and to do it with a light tough and a sense of drama."

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