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Monday, May 9, 2011

Australian Advertising - Catalina Swimwear 1950s

Sutex Presents the Fabulous Catalina future-bright Swimwear and Playabout Collection

Colour sweeps through the whole Catalina collection like a tropical sunset. Shades and styles to flatter you with a beautifully slimming line in fabrics just out of this world. Knits, Helanca nylons, cottons, failles and pure silk shantungs all feature in the loveliest line ever created.

Catalina Swimwear and Playabouts as styled for the Stars of Hollywood await your selectionat all good stores throughout Australia

Illustrated is "Sundance", one of Catalina's fashion-leading, top-selling swimsuits in America this season. If you went shopping in America right now, Catalina Swimsuits, Play abouts and Co-ordinates are the ones you would buy. They are the very latest in the world. And here they are tn the shops of Australia - ready to give you the "look of elegance" that all women admire.

Terrific New Designs! Sparkling New Colors! Scintillating New Beach Fashions - including the tunic look ... hip interest... shirred sheath ... two-piece . . . tailored sheath and skirtless styles. All the best stores have Catalina . . . and they're head-over-heels about them. Have a look at them - and you'll see why!

I find these ads fabulous. They come from Australian Womens Weekly. It's interesting to read the text and note the cultural differences in talking about swimwear. What's also interesting is Sutex. They must have been a store or swimwear manufacturer/distributor? They are presenting the first two ads and the last one here below is by themselves. Anyone know?


Nicole said...

Pam, I've got a few swimsuits by Sutex, I think they were a local manufacturer or designer. They're quite nice quality. Great ad, by the way!

Nicole said...

Pam, I've got a few swimsuits by Sutex, I think it was a local manufacturer (here in Aus.)

Dirty Hippy said...

I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for sharing the fashion and culture of this era. I have actually been searching for a 50s style bathing suit to surf in, inspired by all the 50s surf films I have been watching.

Dirty Hippy said...
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