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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 'Swoon Suit' from Cole of California

When fabric restrictions were placed on manufacturers in World War II, Fred Cole responded by creating the Swoon Suit, a two-piece swimsuit that laced up the sides of the trunk and tied at the bra.


The two piece Swoon Suit was advertised by Cole of California in 1944. The Swoon Suit trademark was applied for in 1944, and it was designed by none other than Margit Fellegi. Here's and interesting tidbit; the LACMA has a beautiful example of the Swoon Suit but they have it dated 1942, interesting right? I'm wondering if this was perhaps the first prototype. Fellegi was head designer for Cole from 1936-1972.


The Swoon Suit was offered in one and two piece styles from the same silk Cole was stitching into parachutes for the war effort. It's side lacing was not only sexy, it served to give silk the figure controlling characteristics of a rubber girdle. It was one of the few styles produced by Cole and designed by Fellegi during the war years.


The Swoon Suit was available in 'Parachute colors'.

Beautiful isn't it? The side lacing, the halter neckline and the pattern. I've not had one of these to offer to you yet, but I'm always looking!


Lauren Hairston said...

I'm swooning for a swoon suit! (Couldn't resist.) I want one in every color!

kitchen bumpkin said...

Practical yet glamourous- bet these are hard to come by!

Lisa said...

I love the tagline "in parachute colors"... what a neat suit. Swooooooooon indeed!

seabeemax said...

Ok so I am totally trying to make these bottoms to go with a vintage top I already made. At this point I am going to try to just "wing it" and make my own pattern. Does anyone have any other info as far as measurements, if there ever was a pattern available?? Thanks!!