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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lets Lounge - A Look at The Beach Pyjama, Cat Suit, Body Suit or All-in-One

Ahh the beach pyjama, the cat suit, the all-in-one, the jumpsuit, the lounger. Such comfort, such ease. The golden age of yesteryear recreated throughout the ages. All images up to the last one were taken from a wonderful new book we picked up at the library this week. Elizabeth Walkers Style Book, Fashionable Inspirations.

1925, a model wearing a cat suit and a matching jacket. On the cross diagonal stripes cut in crepe with wide trousers and a long top.

1928, a woman wearing a leaf pattern trouser suit and broad brimmed sun hat. Super for summer, lounging pyjamas in a pretty print with a matching jacket.

1929, American actress Joan Blondell. Blond bombshell, a curvy cat suit with a pleated inset at the trouser bottoms.

1930, American actress Joan Crawford, wearing a off-the-shoulder suit. A vixen in velvet, a cat suit with a matching gown trimmed in white fox fur.

1931, British actress Dorothy Mackaill, in Party Husband for Warner Brothers. Divine in dungarees, crepe de Chine with satin slippers and a little blond bob.

1955 American actress Jane Wyman, at home, all ready for Christmas. Santa Clause is a coming in a scarlet cat suit and slippers, and a collar and tie.

1955, a striptease artist backstage at the Opera House in Santiago, Chile. A fine figure of a woman, a net cat suit with fig leaf preserving her modesty.

1956 a woman modeling a jersey jumpsuit. Scooter style; dressed for driving in a tight all-in-one with a matching hood.

1964 a model in a black lace stretchy body suit. Lingerie looks somewhat see-through, this foxy piece is best worn under a skirt.

1965, model in an outfit designed by Rita Tillistt. Horizontal stripes, Sixties style, a sleeveless all in one with a dropped waist.

1966, English actress, Diana Rigg, in an episode of The Avengers. Purple prose in a tight lycra jumpsuit with cutouts at the hip, and a fob watch.

1968, knitted cat suits designed and modelled by Shirley Belljohn (left). Winter woolies; top and toe in stripes with gauntlets and over the knee boots.

1969 a model swearing a halter neck cat suit with crossover back straps. Back up in very wide, woolen pants with a small shell-shaped bodice.

1973, model wearing and all-in-one jumpsuit designed by Fernand Ledoux. Pin-striped in palazzo pants, with feathered shoulders, a beanie hat and beads.

1973 Gloria Reynolds, a shop assistant on Kings Road, London. Funky chic in denim bell bottoms dungarees with a striped singlet and an Afro.

1983, American singer Diana Ross wearing an all-in-one with cuffed trousers. Soul sister struts her stuff in graphic black and white stripes.

2008 Dolce & Gabbana Catwoman ensemble. Vogue May 2011


BaronessVonVintage said...

meow! Love the early lounge and beach pjs at the top! Question: when did the term "catsuit" come into usage? Seems like a 1960s thing?

Anonymous said...

I love that Schiaparelli inspired suit Joan Blondell is wearing.