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Monday, July 18, 2011

Yummy Monday Feasting Notes

This is our beautiful Blenheim Apricot tree, which site on the back corner of our lot. It gives us a bounty of fruit every year and the Blenheim apricot is one of the best tasting there is. Last year we had the tree cut back and this year it is packed to the gills.

We've been eating them, as have the birds and bees. The squirrels have run off with a few. I'll soon be picking and giving them to the neighbors. Some are still green, some have just a tinge of green left and some are ripe. What does one do with all the apricots? Cook! So this week I'll be sharing some of what I make.

First up, apricot and strawberry jam. On Sunday we had visited the local farmers market late and were able to snag some fresh organic strawberries. I mixed those with the sliced apricots, added the juice of one meyer lemon, lots of sugar (approx as much as the fruit), and a small amount of pectin. This is the result.

It came out really good and passed the husbands taste test (as well as mine). I'll try it tomorrow morning on some toast. Which reminds me, I've been wanting to make some bread. Which will pair well with the tomatoes that are ripe in the garden right now.

More feasting notes tomorrow. Have a fabulous yummy Monday!

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