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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1970s Uppity Shoes

This article and images appeared in the September 1972 issue of Life Magazine.

Sure they look horrible, but that's the idea. As Dr. Seymour Fisher, author of "Body Consciousness" sadly observes, "There is a fundamental dissatisfaction with the body in our culture today." For this reason, or maybe not, thousands of otherwise normal people are tottering around these days as much as seven inches off the ground. Platform shoes in a splendidly flamboyant variety of styles and materials are selling as fast as stores can stock them.

Meanwhile, a staff nurse in the emergency ward of New York's Bellvue Hospital notes a distinct increase in foot injuries caused by twisted ankles and falls, "especially to the little bones of the foot." But some patients are incorrigible. "There they go," says the nurse, "clomping away with one foot in a cast and the other one in a clog."
Already 5' 9" in her bare feet, Shelly Smith becomes 6' 2" in plastic clogs from Pelican, $45.00

From Monique Shoes, a sharp pair of two-tones costs $40.00

Zigzag popular clogs from Goody Two Shoes cost $40.00

For back to-school, $40.00 from the 34th Street Bootery shop

Palm trees are hand painted, $45.00 from Goody Two Shoes

Lydia Roaches red leather platforms from Monique have heels six inches high $40.00


Lauren Hairston said...

Well, I do have to admit to rather liking the "zigzags." I can't imagine ever wearing them, though!

www.floh.dk said...

I think these shoes are humourous and glam - but also difficult to jive in :)

Unknown said...

I had several pair, they were so super comfortable and balanced, we never fell off them, and could dance the night away. Of course, we were 17....

We used to paint them and decorate them to match our outfits. My friends and I were all 5/7 and taller, and when we entered a club, people noticed us. Again, we were 17....

Wish I held onto them. We still have a few photos.