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Monday, August 1, 2011

Women of Fashion Through the Ages - Lingerie & Swimwear

These two images are from a 1977 collectors calendar showing authentic fashions of the Great Eras drawn from the Vogue/Butterick Pattern Archives. I chose the sportswear and lingerie pages to share with you.

Smaller left image of the dark skinned gal in a swimsuit above is from 1931, to her right are models from 1927 in the skirted black suit, while the two piece striped swimsuit shown is from 1940.

The lingerie page has some fabulous drawings starting with a 1901 corset all the way to the bra and panties worn in 1976. The artist who captured these is named Woodend and I am sorry I can not find any information on the artist. Aren't these wonderful though? Perfect for framing.


Karen said...

WOWSER! Not only perfect for framing, but perfect for a computer wallpaper! Just click on them to get the enlarged version, then right click to get the dropdown menu (at least, this works on Microsoft PCs). Select "background" and voila! You've got a fashionista's dream wallpaper! Oh, please, share more!! Where on earth did you get these? Marvelous! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Kay

Glamoursurf said...

Kay, I got these from my wonderful mom, who has an eye out for all things special. I'll post a few more tomorrow. Cheers!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your page and watching those photos..