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Monday, October 31, 2011

1942 - More Sirens Needed!

It's 1942 and Jantzen is calling for more sirens! I love this ad, full page color, high waist two piece swimsuit which only cost $5.50 back then. What's interesting to note is that in the early 1940s we begin to see foundation like support in women's swimwear. This ad helps to point that out. The copy reads: More sirens needed, on the high seas, at the lakes, at the pools, to show the army, the navy, the air corps, the marines, that America is lined up gloriously to keep fit! The new Jantzens take care of everything, lift the bust line, firm the hips, slim the waist, smooth the tummy, thanks to Jantzens foundation control....

And the guys weren't left out of that equation. For men: Jantzens on the job with the best looking trim tailored trunks of all time. Smartest new styles, textures and colors. Shows for me are the 'Chevron" trunks. Just $3.95. What a deal.

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