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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Hood Makes the Swimsuit

This is the photo that got me started on this recent quest, searching for the hood. Isn't she glamourous? That knit confection she's wearing on her head is exactly what I want, and I'd like it attached to a swimsuit please. I know, how impractical, but I love fashion with just a bit of whimsy and with elements that aren't typically expected, and hey, swimwear is my passion.

John Rawlings

So my quest began. I've lots of images of swimcaps, but I've blogged about that previously and today I'm looking for the hood.

John Rawlings

You might find your self coveting the oversize beach hat, which is another look I just adore. Not to mention that you can keep yourself covered with your own portable shade screen. But it's not a hood.

Another option, which has it's own history, is the cover-up. I lend this picture to show how a small beach cape could be worn with a matching cap. A variation on this style also lends itself to wear as a skirt at times. But again, not a hood.

1950 Loomis Dean

But here we go, we're getting closer. A small capelet that forms a hood to be worn over your swimsuit. How cute is that? It looks to be lined in terrycloth and is easily taken off for swimming. Glamourous and practical.

Another option is to bring and wear a small throw or lightweight blanket, multipurpose and bit more relaxed. It serves the purpose.

Josete Walker

Ahh, here we go. Nina Ricci saves the day in 1966. This is it. Right? Right. Except she wasn't the first. Let's go back a bit further.

1966 Nina Ricci

That's right, Claire McCardell brought is the hooded wool knit swimsuit in 1954!

1954 - Claire McCardell Attached hood and high back set off bare arms in one-piece wool knit jersey suit, the hood will not replace a bathing cap but it can be folded into a high turtle neck for swimming.

So who's got one? My circle would be complete!!


MrJeffery said...

amazing swimsuits! i love the next to last one.

Unknown said...

very cool!!!