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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Lost Art of the Letterpress

The art of the letterpress. Such a fan, would love to go play with these types of printing presses one day.

Realtree | The Making of a Tradition from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Amongst my personal collection of items that I consider to be 'collectible' are these two Jantzen logo's, most likely used in the 1940s in advertising. Back in the day, these would have been used by typesetters, so when stamped would give the flipped image. 

I've flipped the image so you can get a better look of the typeface. 

 This piece would have been used between 1947-1954. Pretty cool right? I haven't used them or mounted them on a tool yet, but just to have them gets me thinking of the possibilities.

Another piece I happen to have as part of my personal Jantzen collectibles is this pin from the same time frame.

I guess what I have now is a collection because it's more than two. Oh and if you haven't seen all my Jantzen swimwear you really should check out my store Glamoursurf!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog post. I own a Jantzen swimsuit and wasn't sure about when it was exactly what year it was made. Now I can find finally find out!

And it's brilliant it came from letterpress, once a dying art now becoming very popular again.

Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Jo. I also have a swimwear dating reference labels page on my website glamoursurf.com, also a link at the top of my blog. Good luck!