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Monday, January 23, 2012

Marilyn Monday - Best Rear View

Image by Frank Powolny

According to movie cameraman Frank Powolny, Marilyn had the best rear view of all the movie stars he had photographed during his career.

Betty Grable by Frank Powolny

You may also recognize this famously sweet photo, also by Frank.

"I asked Betty if she'd like to have a back shot, just to be different," he said. 
"She said, 'Yes,' and began to clown around. 
'You want it like this?' she asked, posing. 
And I said, 'Yeah.'

"I made only two shots of that pose. It was the second shot that became famous."

We thank you for that Frank! I gotta agree, he did get some great rear view shots. Happy Monday everyone.

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funkymacgirl said...

love the pictures that you share..keep finding them and the history behind them very interesting!!
where can i get posters like these ??