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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ohhh, That Special Diving Girl

My ideal beach cottage bathroom. Not only can I picture myself owning a place like this where I could take a soak in that wonderful big tub, I could also just stare at that wonderful diving girl on the wall. She's awfully similar to the Jantzen diving girl, except her suit is blue. But, she can come over to my house anytime and I'd find room for her. Anyone know where I can find her?


I did find a wooden one but sadly it has been discontinued. However, I managed to find a decal over at the website Suzanne Nicholl Studio.


From the website:   Retro Dive Girls are scanned from our hand painted wooden products, all the texture and detail is printed in the decal.  You can order one or all three to fill up a wall. Each dive girl is about 47" from tip to toe, and about 13" wide.  We can do custom sizes, or change the direction they face. $39.99

I'm off to measure.


osovictoria said...

Love the wall decor and tub and sunny room, yup, great bathroom. I wonder if you can find her through the folks that sell full size cardboard people. You would have to google it I suppose.

BaronessVonVintage said...

Wow, what a dreamy bathroom...and boy is that diving girl so special indeed!