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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jean Patou Brilliance in Swimwear

Today we look a bit at the brilliance of Jean Patou. As always we're focusing on the swimwear, but the man had pure genius when it came to design.


 Jean Patou, jersey bathing suit with back straps, 1925

Jean Patou, tricolor pyjamas with asymmetrically fastened jacket top, 1932

Jean Patou was born in Normandy France 1880 - 1936. He trained as a tailor and worked as a freelance tailor in Paris in 1908. Patou opened his first fur fashion store, maison Parry, in Paris in 1912. His entire first collection was purchased by a New York department store. In 1919 he opened his haute couture salon in the Rue St Florentin, Paris. Patou would continue to create waves in the sports world with athletic wear. He caused a stir with his design for tennis player Suzanne Lenglen at Wimbleton.

 1921 Suzanne Lenglen at Wimbleton, tennis outfit designed by Patou

Le Coin Des Sports was Jean Patou's boutique for sportswear, it opened in 1925.

His brilliance continued into 1925 when he opened a sports center boutique which had different rooms for each sporting activity including swimming, golf, tennis, fishing etc., all complete with accessories.Can you just imagine?

Patou launched the first suntan oil, Huile de Chaldée, in 1927

Jean Patou, Paris 1924

And finally, the dapper man himself, quite handsome himself I'd say.


garofit said...

I'm a fellow Patou admirer!

Anonymous said...

A Patou sportswear ensemble is pretty much my Holy Grail of vintage!