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Monday, February 6, 2012

Streamlining Swimwear 1929 Style with Joyce Dennys

This detail from the image below by artist, illustrator, painter, author and playwright Joyce Dennys caught our eye. Is so fanciful, so Art Deco, so streamlined. But even more important to me is the fact that the illustration, from 1929, shows the streamlining of swimwear fashions.

Joyce Dennys 1893-1992

It's Good Cut that Counts Even in Swimming Suits - Joyce Dennys 1929

The illustration, published in the September 1929 issue of Sketch Magazine, gives an inside humorous look into the streamlining of swimwear fashions back in the day from the modest Princess suit to the cutaway maillot style swimsuit. She is spot on in capturing the reduction of fabric, the lowering neckline, the cut outs, the shortening of the leg opening and the lacing detail, and the way the suit begins to cling to the body.

Joyce worked well into her 90s, you can read more about her life here.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy this image as much as I do as a way to start your Monday!

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fuzzylizzie said...

I love this! What would you give to own the original series of sketches?