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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini 1963 Time Capsule

I've been scanning some ads 'n things from some old magazines I found this weekend on one of my treasure hunts. These particular ones are from McCalls March 1963.

Catalina 1963

Fashion action starts when you wear these western cotton knits. Taos denim jacket $7.98 and britches $5.98.

BRITCHES! There's an old fashion term you don't hear used too often, especially with the likes of Catalina. 

And here we have one from Maidenform, makers of bra's, girdles and swimsuits. This one is called the Chorale, comes as a girdle or pantie just $6.95, with long legs $8.95. All styles are available with or without back panel.

1963 'Chorale' Maidenform Girdle
Controls you comfortably, with 'never spread' panels that stretch only up and down never sideways.

Just what every girl needs! Bust seriously, having the proper foundation is very important when wearing vintage clothing. It helps to make everything fit appropriately. My sister Jody of Couture Allure has done a fabulous informative blog post on the subject of having your vintage clothing fit correctly with the proper foundations.

We'll be having fun with these scans all week, be sure and check back ya hear!

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