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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VaVaVoom Debbie

This image is from Saturday Evening Post, March 26, 1960 from an article about Debbie Reynolds and her highly publicized divorce from Eddie Fisher. The caption on the image reads:

"The new, worldly Debbie, dressed for her role in The Rat Race, a film set against the background of a new York dance hall."

All I can say is VaVaVoom Debbie! ♥LOVE♥ that dress!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1943 Poolside Glamour

This image above is from a magazine from 1943 and as always you can click the image to enlarge. The swimsuits (and models) are all lovely, the one on the right is a pink Jantzen two piece, the middle two are possibly Catalina and the one that Ester is wearing? That's a Cole of California, and she's got the matching skirt in her hands. And that iconic suit, one of my favorites, was designed by Margit Fellegi. Esthers' suit has a small print pattern to it.

And the reason I share this with you today is look at the lovely Yvonne De Carlo, I could swear that's the same suit, only the one Yvonne is sporting has a long skirt and it looks as if there is no pattern to the orange fabric. And I'll take a pair of those shoes that Lynn Bari is wearing above and pair them with that fabulous suit. Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daphne - Then and Now

Isn't she pretty? This is Daphne Selfe in the 1950s.  She is still modeling now in her 80s and is considered Britain's oldest supermodel. I applaud this woman, she has never had any cosmetic surgery and considers her hair her fortune.


This is Daphne now. These photos were taken for a fundraising project featuring lingerie by Bordelle, based in the UK.
I applaud this woman, she has never had any cosmetic surgery and considers her hair her fortune.I think she looks beautiful.

More info from Ageless Beauty's website:

"Courageous, original and breathtakingly beautiful, the portrait series by UK photographer Perou was conceived to help promote Oxfam‘s “Big Bra Hunt“, which will recycle used bras donated by British women to support anti-poverty efforts in Senegal.

Daphne, the self-described “world’s oldest supermodel”, wears a replica version of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s legendary 1990s conical bodysuit designed for Madonna. The version in these pictures was created by Bordelle, which is accepting custom orders of the replica suit, with profits going to the Oxfam project."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Marilyn Monday

Marilyn in a Cole of California Swimsuit, late 40s, designed by Margit Felligi.

Friday, May 18, 2012

1930 Pictorial Review Advertisements and Such

Happy Friday! Today let's spend some time in 1930. These images were scanned from a September 1930 issue of Pictorial Review.
Cover design 1930 McClelland Barclay 

This image is for an ad from "Zip" a product that promises "How to be entirely free of hair", a cream that permanently destroys hair growths.

A full page of paper doll Dolly Dingle, isn't she sweet! 

 Yes, Maybelline.

There are LOTS of ads touting "Earn extra cash". I found this one of interest, start your own business and sell lingerie, hosiery and underwear.

And a couple of fun illustrations for you that embody the true essence of 1930. I just adore her beach pyjama's in the pic above. ♥

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lillian Bassman - Vintage Lingerie Photography Redux

Lillian Bassman 1955
The Line Lengthens, model unknown, lingerie by Lily of France, 1955 

Lillian Bassman 1954
The Mold of the Princess- Everything Black and Lacy,
model unknown, lingerie by Lily of France,
Harper’s Bazaar, 1954

Stunning, Bravo! This work is by Lillian Bassman and is currently on view at the Staley Wise Gallery in New York. The exhibition of Bassmans reconstituted vintage lingerie photographs are on view from April 13 - May 26, 2012, so there is a little while left to catch them. Or if you've been, let me know what you thought. You can view some of it on line at Staley Wise.

From the website:

Lillian Bassman: Lingerie

The Merry Widow, the garter belt, the girdle, stockings, and numerous other confining, uncomfortable, and erotic relics of our past are glorified in this exhibition of black and white photographs by Lillian Bassman. Originally seen in advertisements and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Bassman has transformed her work into mysterious, evocative images with her signature darkroom manipulation, highlighting her photographs with light and shadow to create unique works of art. Lillian Bassman’s career as a photographer began at Harper’s Bazaar in 1948 working for the great art director Alexey Brodovitch. In the early 1990’s Bassman manipulated these early images in the darkroom and transformed them through bleaching and blurring techniques into original works of art, investing them with poetry and glamour. The transformed photographs display extreme delicacy of gesture and quintessential femininity, creating an aura of romance and charm. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1970s Cole of California Swimwear Ads n Such

We continue our series on Cole of California, today focusing on the 1970s.This first 'Vamp Suit' by Cole was designed by Margit Fellegi. She stayed designing at Cole until 1972.

1970 Cole of California - Boudoir Stuff

Cheryl Tiegs starts modeling for Cole of California advertisements in the 1970s. She became a superstar beach beauty along with Christy Brinkley, and became a favorite of Sports Illustrated magazine. Here we see many of her ads for Cole of California.

1972 Cole of California - Cheryl Tiegs
1973 Cole of California

1973 Cole of California - Cheryl Tiegs

1973 Cole of California - Cheryl Tiegs

1973 Cole of California
1974 Cole of California

1974 Cole of California - Cheryl Tiegs

1974 Cole of California - Cheryl Tiegs
1975 Sports Illustrated Cover
 Bob Mackie designs for Cole in 1976, in December of 1976 this ad (above) appeared. Text reads
"Look what Bob Mackie and Cole of California have dreamed up for you. Our exclusive designer swimwear to turn heads from St Thomas to St Tropez. In navy, beautifully boasting the white embroidered Bob Mackie signature."

1977 Bob Mackie for Cole of California - Lynda Carter Model

1977 Cole of California

1977 Cole of California   
1977 Jerry Hall in red maillot by Cole of California

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cole of California - the 1960s Swimwear

We started off the week with Cole of California swimwear advertisements from the 1940s & 1950s. We'll kick off today with one pretty special bikini from 1959 and continue on into the 1960s. Margit Fellegi was the head designer at Cole of California, as some of these ads go on to describe.

 As always, you can click the images to enlarge to see more detail.

1959 Cole of California Bikini with adjustable side ties
The print: surrealistic pattern and how one can 'bikinize' the suit.

1960 Cole of California jersey swimsuit
Love this pairing with the sweet matching skirt.

1961 Cole of California Helanca Swimsuit Trio
Leopard, zebra and a Gold cotton satin Burunduki suit??? What the heck?

1961 Cole's Californians

1961 Cole of California Creslan Knits
Cole of California - Spray Light Knits

1961 Cole of California Margit Fellegi
Cole brings the drawing room to the beach. 

1961 Cole of California - Gypsysuits- Margit Fellegi
If there's any gypsy in your soul, this is the year to revel in it.

1964 Cole of California - Arnel
Arnel pique takes to the beach - briefly, about $16.00

1966 Cole of California - Escape Suit
The escape suit 'Sideline" on left, about $24.00. On right; the Escape Suit "Backtrack", about $28.00

1968 Cole of California - The Innocent Suit
Pampered in stretch nylon crochet. About $30.00

1960s Swim Tent Cole of California

That's it for today, tomorrow - the 1970s.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1950s Cole of California Swimwear Advertising

This week we're looking at Cole of California. Yesterday we shared the 1940s. Today let's dive into the 1950's. There's lots of info in these old ads (when you can find them), not to mention the artwork is pretty darn fabulous. Oh yeah, and the swimsuits, we'll that's a given.

1950 Cole of California - Cole's Regatta

1950 Cole of California - Velvet Laton in one or two piece

1951 Cole of California - Guilded Lily - White Lastex & 24 kt gold

1951 Cole of California - Illusion of Beauty - Margit Fellegi

1951 Cole of California - make the most of your figure - Margit Fellegi

1951 Cole of California - Hello to Summer - Margit Fellegi

1952 Cole of California - Heavenly Bodies - Wing Ding

1952 Cole of California - Heavenly Bodies

1953 Cole of California - Man Killer - Margit Fellegi

1953 Cole of California - Dream Lines

1953 Cole of California - The Great White Way
notice the progression from yesterday? The 1940s were conserving fabric for the war years and may of the styles we showed were two pieces, not so with the 1950s, many many one pieces and a few two pieces. We could go on and on with the images, but that's a good variety to give some eye candy for 1950s Cole of California ads. With one major exception, Christian Dior.

Christian Dior designed and debuted a swimsuit collection for Cole of California in 1955. At first Dior was reluctant, pleading that he knew nothing of swimwear, to which Cole responded, "you're a designer aren't you? So design." Unable to argue with this, Dior complied and produced his one and only swimwear collection. His ensembles of floral printed swimsuits with halter necks and ties around the waist, with marching billowing beach coats for wearing over the top, followed his New Look silhouette.

1955 Christina Dior Beachwear for Cole of California

Two models pose in Christian Dior beachwear in 1955. The sitting model wears a ribbed bathing suit with a halter neckline and flared skirt, which would have been worn for swimming. The standing girl is in a white poplin blouse designed to be worn over the top.

1956 Dior for Cole of California

1957 Dior for Cole of California

Margit Fellegi, lead designer at Cole, Ren Wicks ad illustration artist, Dior, lots of play with words and some fabulous fabrics too! Velvet swimwear? Yes darling. 1960's coming up tomorrow!