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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1950s Cole of California Swimwear Advertising

This week we're looking at Cole of California. Yesterday we shared the 1940s. Today let's dive into the 1950's. There's lots of info in these old ads (when you can find them), not to mention the artwork is pretty darn fabulous. Oh yeah, and the swimsuits, we'll that's a given.

1950 Cole of California - Cole's Regatta

1950 Cole of California - Velvet Laton in one or two piece

1951 Cole of California - Guilded Lily - White Lastex & 24 kt gold

1951 Cole of California - Illusion of Beauty - Margit Fellegi

1951 Cole of California - make the most of your figure - Margit Fellegi

1951 Cole of California - Hello to Summer - Margit Fellegi

1952 Cole of California - Heavenly Bodies - Wing Ding

1952 Cole of California - Heavenly Bodies

1953 Cole of California - Man Killer - Margit Fellegi

1953 Cole of California - Dream Lines

1953 Cole of California - The Great White Way
notice the progression from yesterday? The 1940s were conserving fabric for the war years and may of the styles we showed were two pieces, not so with the 1950s, many many one pieces and a few two pieces. We could go on and on with the images, but that's a good variety to give some eye candy for 1950s Cole of California ads. With one major exception, Christian Dior.

Christian Dior designed and debuted a swimsuit collection for Cole of California in 1955. At first Dior was reluctant, pleading that he knew nothing of swimwear, to which Cole responded, "you're a designer aren't you? So design." Unable to argue with this, Dior complied and produced his one and only swimwear collection. His ensembles of floral printed swimsuits with halter necks and ties around the waist, with marching billowing beach coats for wearing over the top, followed his New Look silhouette.

1955 Christina Dior Beachwear for Cole of California

Two models pose in Christian Dior beachwear in 1955. The sitting model wears a ribbed bathing suit with a halter neckline and flared skirt, which would have been worn for swimming. The standing girl is in a white poplin blouse designed to be worn over the top.

1956 Dior for Cole of California

1957 Dior for Cole of California

Margit Fellegi, lead designer at Cole, Ren Wicks ad illustration artist, Dior, lots of play with words and some fabulous fabrics too! Velvet swimwear? Yes darling. 1960's coming up tomorrow!

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Vintage Living Magazine said...

Lovely! They'll never again make them with that sort of attention to detail and elegant style.