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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cole of California - the 1940s Swimsuit Advertisements

We're spending some time this week sharing some of our Cole of California archives. I say some, because I'm sure I've posted a few of these before, and I have to keep some surprises for the future to share right? Right! So let's start in the 1940s.
1943 Cole of California
I want this suit! Look at that print. And what is that she has her hand on? I'll be it's a skirt! Note the reference to the parachute in the copy, and again called out below.

1944 Cole of California - Parachute White

1944 Cole of California

This is the Swoon Suit that came out in 1944, you can read more about this particular suit in our Swoon Suit post. It really is an iconic piece. The war years had a definite impact on swimwear .Cole of California produced parachutes for soldiers, available in 'parachute colors' that laced up the sides, thereby conforming to the wartime regulations on  he use of rubber and fabric.

1944 Cole of California - Swoon Suit

1945 Cole of California - Swoon Glo - in parachute colors

1947 - Cole of California - Ballet of the Sea
This one (below) looks the same as the suit above. The fabric is called out as 'Hope Skillmans Woven Stripe Chambray'
1946 Cole of California

1945 Cole of California - Matletex Magic
Note the cut out midriff? That's Margit's design. Margit Fellegi was the head designer at Cole of California from 1946 - 1972. That a pretty long reign. She is credited with many fine achievements at Cole. We've written an article on Margit and her design innovations which you can find on our website here.

1947 Cole of California

1940s Cole of California - Mermaid

1948 Cole of California - Check that backless two piece!!!

1947 Cole of California - Sandpiper

And here we go with the real deal, black, velvet, Cole of California, Margit Fellegi designed, open midriff. Available at Glamoursurf.

Source: My Vintage Vogue

Ok, now how awesome is this little number? It's from 1949, and is a Cole of California dress! Wow, just wow! Come back tomorrow for more Cole of California 1950s style. Ta-ta and happy Monday!

1 comment:

Jen O said...

Love these ads! It's great to see the Swoon suit as it was intended to be worn. The example now on display in the California Design show at the LA County Museum of Art exhibit seems short on pizzaz without the full body present, but being able to get up close and personal with this example is worth it.