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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Tribute to the Fathers in my Life

Fathers day is coming this Sunday, so I've been thinking about some of the special men in my life who are fathers and family. I present to you a small gathering of them. This is my grandfather William and grandmother Hallie.

They went on to produce two beautiful girls, one of which is my mom, Nancy.

This is my grandpa with my mom when she was a little girl.

And again with my mom as a young lady.

I have some wonderful memories with my grandfather and I as a young girl. He was a fisherman and would wake in the wee hours of the morning to go fish. Part of the previous days ritual would have been getting the pitchfork out of the shed to dig for worms in the worm pile. I was a tomboy from a young age and something about this memory is still so strong with me. Digging in the dirt... for worms. I still don't like putting them on a hook or taking a fish off the hook, but I do have a fondness for fishing which came from my grandfather. He'd bring home blue gill which my grandmother artfully created into the BEST morsel of fried crispy skin fish for our morning breakfast. Nothing has come close in comparison to this since, for me.

 Another picture of my mom, one of the only pictures I have of her with long hair.

Enter my dad, William. Isn't he a handsome young man? He met my mom, got married and they went on to have 5 children, all girls. He started his career with the air force and went on into shoe sales and traveled quite a bit.

I am the second child in a lineup of 5 girls. My dad traveled often when we were young. But when he was home, we got to go to some lavish parties on estates of what we considered 'rich people' back then. We'd always get driven around in a Rambler, or some sort of station wagon. I got my love of gardening from my dad. That was kind of 'our time' together. He'd take me with him around to the nurseries and garden centers. I'd learn about plants and gardening in general and come home to help dad. Later, he'd give me a special hint, that you could actually take a cutting from one plant, namely succulents, and grow your own. I've loved plants all my life and still have a garden now.

I also think I got my love of travel from my dad. We'd always be going somewhere on vacation, usually by car. And we'd see so many different landscapes, dialects and cultures that I soon came to see what a small slice of the world I had been seeing. This also gave me a sense of adventure.

This is my tata, or my husbands dad, Raphael as a young man.

Can you see the resemblance?

I love you my husband, for all you've done for us, for all you've shared with us, for just being you, and for giving me the best thing that ever happened to us.

Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads!

I love you dad!

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