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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Old is New Again

What is old is new again. One of the trends that I have been spotting this season is lace headgear.

This piece (above) is a wedding cloche from 1932 via the Met Museum. Isn't it gorgeous?And it looks antique. Look at the quality of that lace. And I'd bet those are wax flowers and beads, but I haven't seen it in person so it's hard to tell.

Now look, here's an example of a modern piece from Ralph Lauren. Rhinestones take the place of wax and or beads but it's a similar concept., it's more of a scull cap than a cloche but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

This one is by Alexander McQueen. I could do without the sunglasses, but hey, that's me.

And here's a simpler, modified version done as a  headband. Not so much lace as texture, but the bead work stand out to me. I'd wear any of these, how about you?

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