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Monday, October 1, 2012

1970s Postcards

Do you collect postcards? I sometimes will pick one or two up if they have something of interest for me. These two I found recently had swimwear, so naturally they came home with me.

The postcard above is for the Ramada Inn in Bangor, Maine. I was a little surprised to go online and see that this particular hotel is still in business. The reviews, not so great, most of what I read had to do with 'needs updating', or 'smells musty'.No surprising I guess. But the postcard is indicative of the times. The 1970s. check out the swimwear, and we all need a waiter who wears a tam-o-shanter right?

The next one is from the Ambassador Inn in West Sacramento, Ca. which is now a senior apt complex, my how times change. But come now, who wouldn't want to lodge here from images such as this? What's interesting to me is the similar graphics on both cards, the layout, the photo's the mosaic type white lines.

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