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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catalina - Super Figure Flattery with CONTROLastic!

Last week we shared a Catalina fabric called ElastAQ, today let me show you yet another elasticized fabric marketing term Catalina used in 1939 called 'CONTROLastic'. It pledges Multi-ply elasticity and figure control. The fabric is actually by Firestone, and the copy reads like this:

Eyes turn instinctively to the figure in a Catalina swimsuit...and stay there! The secret of Catalina's new figure magic is Firestone's CONTROLastic, it turns sags into curves and bulges into contours.

Controlastic - each tiny CONTROLastic strand of thin wrapped layers of rubber does a firmer figure molding job, and resists the weakening effect of sun, air and water.

Now what girl wouldn't want that? And to make matters more enticing Catalina was offering a style booklet featuring Hollywood stars and of Catalina swimsuits styled for them, and for you! The one featured in this ad is called "Priscilla Lane". As always you can click on the picture to enlarge.

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