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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Natural Bridges Beach Santa Cruz, Ca. Day Trip

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather wise in Northern California. We decided to take a trek over to the shoreline and ended up at Natural Bridges, located in Santa Cruz Ca. It's such a beautiful spot.

There were lots of people out enjoying the day. Some in the water, some on the shoreline.

We took a nice long walk and along the way spotted some treasures...

Nature, never ceases to amaze me with her beauty.

Many many tide pools, each with their own natural habitats, no two alike.

The sea anemones were in full glory, little tiny ones to large open ones.

The natural rock forms also provided so resilient beauty, natures natural wrinkles of time...

And then there's the true natural beauty of my family.

natural Bridges is also home to a Monarch Resting area where the butterfly's come to call home for a while. It was so peaceful looking up into the trees to see many small wonders floating and fluttering amongst the leaves and branches.

One of my favorite days from the summer. I highly recommend a visit. Fresh air, family and fun, all for FREE too!

You can see more about the park here.

1 comment:

berickt said...

I lived near Natural Bridges in the 70s. Back then there were more bridges. That arch near the south end, visible in your photos, had a second arch that connected to the bluff. Sigh. Still beautiful though. Bridges are bound to develop and slip away.