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Monday, December 17, 2012

Artist Giacomo Gabbiani - Selected Works

All artworks by Giacomo Gabbiani (1900-1989). I became enamored with his artwork after I found a catalogue of his artworks this past weekend. The catalogue is in Italian and from a gallery called Robertaebasta. So I can't translate what it says, but I can show you some of the pictures from it. This is only a small selection.

Bather, undated

Bather, 1939

In the Mirror, 1931

Javelin, 1937

Naturist, 1946

On the Beach, 1938

Most of the works included are of people, and they are quite beautiful I've just scanned a selection for you here. I do believe I will mat and frame some of these, but I'm almost hesitant as the catalogue is numbered and the artist is now deceased. To top that off, I can't find much information in English about this artist. Perhaps I should scan the bio page and see if one of my dear readers know's enough Italian to translate. I would love that!

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