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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alfred Stieglitz Water Work

 Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) was a photographer and entrepreneur in New York city in the early 20th century. He fostered a modernist view to a group of avant-garde artists, photographers and illustrators. He was the first in the United States to exhibit European modernists Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso, Brancusi & African sculpture. He instigated moving photography from its earlier romanticism into a modernist American vision. In 1902 he founded a break-away camera club, the Photo-Secession, to support and promote progressive American photographers and present exhibitions of their work. To sponsor their work he also founded a journal, Camera Work in 1903. Throughout his life he operated galleries to advance the work of modern American artists and photographers whom he felt embodied the essence of the American character. 

 1906, The Swimming Lesson, Albert Stieglitz

1910, The Pool, New Jersey, Alfred Stieglitz

We love his early water work. Oh my how times have changed in styles of swimwear.

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