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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sisters By Chance - Friends by Choice

That's how the old saying goes...

And for me it's certainly true! I was lucky enough to grow up in a household full of one older sister, Jody, and three younger sisters; Becky, Barb and Brenda. My older sister Jody has always been someone I look up to, that's what older sisters are for right? They set the example, they take the brunt of being a first child, they protect and love their sisters, offer counsel, set the tone and move forward. Head of the tribe, leader amongst many. I've always admired and loved my older sister Jody, and still do to this day.

Growing up day-to-day in a family of two, then three, then four and finally five; plus two loving parents and an assortment of various pets along the way, makes one appreciate the love of an older sister.

This is a snap a publication took of all of us in 1968, talking about my mom and teaching us the fine art of rummage sales. We learned early the value of thrifting, growing up sharing and caring for others. 

Let's fast forward to 45 years later. Yesterday I got an unexpected surprise package from Jody. Inside were not one, but two men's new old stock 1940s swimsuits with a small note of love. Common now, does my sister know me or what?

Love the label, I've seen quite a few of these new old stock swimsuits from the National Knitted Outerwear Association and what is interesting is that there is no label inside, the only info is given from a hang tag.

But I segway, all I can say is Thank you Jody! I love you for all you are, for being who you are, and for being there for me, for helping to trudge the path. I hope you know how much I deeply care for you! XOXO to you my sister, I love you!

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denisebrain said...

I wish I had a sister like...both of you! ♡

Glamoursurf said...

Aww, thank you Maggie!