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Thursday, June 27, 2013

George Petty Bathing Suit Pin-Up

Artist illustrator George Petty was a pin-up artist and here he creates a beautiful bathing suit clad pin-up for Gruen watches. Isn't she lovely? Ad is from Esquire magazine, November of 1937. I've normally seen his work identified with swimwear manufacturers like Jantzen, so this was a rare treat for me. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carolyn Schnurer - A Short Career in Sportswear

Carolyn Schnurer sportswear images, circa 1946. She had a very short career in the world of fashion, only 16 years, but she sure left her mark.

She taught music and art before turning to sportswear design, 1940; clothes originally manufactured by Burt Schnurer Cabana Co., sold only at Best and Co., New York; company renamed for Carolyn Schnurer, 1946; left fashion design, became textile consultant to J.P. Stevens Company, circa 1956.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere & Sometimes When You Least Expect It!

For me it's all about vintage swimwear, anything and everything. I've met some wonderful people along the way on this swimming related exploration with vintage swimwear history, fashion and art. Sometimes when I least expect it I get inspired, sometimes in hidden ways. Take today for example.

My business hat is on and today I'm listing some vintage patterns on ETSY. One of them has a very fragile envelope. The pattern has been cut and the instructions are intact but I see the pattern has been altered. I take out a few pieces and what do I see?

 The previous owner has enlarged the pattern with newspaper from 1956. But here's the best part:


 Miss Miami

Some pieces are pinned together, some partially taped. It's like a clue fest, but I adore it. As a paper collage artist it just tickles my fancy.

 See Miss Miami here?

 And this is the pattern envelope. I just adore this look in general. I think of Balenciaga.  It's a costume pattern for a young boy from the 1950s, Simplicity 4865. This is the description.

"1950s; Boys' Spanish, Pirate and Turkish Costume: V. 1: Sleeveless shirt with mandarin collar; knee length breeches and a wide cummerbund. Ball fringe trims bolero which has a mandarin collar, fringe epaulettes and contrasting sleeve ruffles. V. 2: Breeches have self fabric fringe. Bolero, sash and head scarf are included. V. 3: Sleeveless shirt with mandarin collar; full trousers; sequin trimmed bolero; cummerbund."

The artist in me, along with my specialized historical swimwear passion, is headed out to the studio now. It just goes to show, you can get inspiration from anywhere, anytime, and sometimes, when you least expect it. Another little smile maker for me was, my mom passed this pattern on to me. Think I'll keep her (and it).

Monday, June 17, 2013

Marilyn on Tour 1954

Here she is in all her glory from 1954, serving us well. I can't see the poster she's signing very well, but it looks like one of her ruffled polka dot swimsuits like this number, what do you think?

 Marilyn in 1951.

Friday, June 14, 2013

1930s Pyjamas and Swimsuits

Following up our post yesterday on Beach Pyjama's, today we show a video, looking at a 3 piece beach pyjama set and woolen swimsuits from 1934.


I especially like the ladder stripe sides on one of the swimsuits. Those 1930s gals were a bit daring. And of note too, is the speakers comments on the new style of neckline!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Beach Pyjama of the 1930s

The Beach Pyjama, one of my all time favorite looks from the 1930s. They actually began appearing in the late 20s but with a slimmer profile. You can see more images of beach pyjamas in another post from Glamoursplash here.

We've uncovered a wonderful video from 1932 via British Pathe, you'll want to check out the lovely swimwear and beach pyjamas included here.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hats for the Beach

Today we look at a multitude of styles of hats for the beach from the 1930s through the 1960s. This top one is my absolute favorite and I've never spotted one like it. Give me that wide brim any and every day! Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vote for Glamoursurf - We Need Your Help!

Glamoursurf needs your help! Please please take a minute to vote for us! We sent in an application to be chosen for a website redesign courtesy of eCommerceBytes and we have made it to the top 5 finalists. That is no small feat in and of itself and we are completely honored and a bit excited to have been chosen.

If you can pass the word to your friends to vote for us we would surely appreciate it, every vote helps! It takes less than a minute to take the vote with just a few clicks. In the coming week we will be selecting sites we would like to be modeled after. It's no small feat to redesign a website and as a small women owned business we are asking for your help to win! Can you imagine? It's got me dreaming in the clouds right now. Go vote for Glamoursurf, and THANK YOU!

Beach Knockabouts circa 1939 with Judith Barrett

Hollywood shows how to beat the Beach Censor regulations in 1939. I absolutely love this. Does anyone have any?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jim Tillett & Catalina Swimwear 1951

Ads are from Catalina from 1951.
Catalina Dream Fit Elastic Shirred Laton Tafetta

Available at Glamoursurf in size 36. 

Catalinas new Carribean Collection from hand screened fabric designs by Jim Tillett of Mexico City. 'Tapa Sheath', hand printed lastex sheath with separate trunk and stand away flowers.

Let's look at more Jim Tillett for Catalina.

 'Dragon Fly' - hand printed on Nylon Taffetta with matching skirt.

Glow Fish - flourescent tropical fish hand printed on rigid Celanese Prospector front suit with Nylotec Lastex zipper back.

More info on Jim Tillett can be found here.