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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vintage Dior Swimsuit Playsuit

1983 Dior Swimwear advertisement

Fabulous right? Did you know that Christian Dior began producing swimwear in the very early 1950s? Fred Cole persuaded Dior to design swimsuits for Cole

Christian Dior designed and debuted a swimsuit collection for Cole of California in 1955. At first Dior was reluctant, pleading that he knew nothing of swimwear, to which Cole responded, "you're a designer aren't you? So design." Unable to argue with this, Dior complied and produced his one and only swimwear collection. His ensembles of floral printed swimsuits with halter necks and ties around the waist, with marching billowing beach coats for wearing over the top, followed his New Look silhouette.

Ok so here's what is confusing me. This is an advert from 1951.

See that beautiful black playsuit in the center? That's a DIOR! I dunno, maybe it's because it's called a playsuit, but it sure looks like he designed swimwear before he worked for Cole of California to me. Hmm, what are your thoughts as this is confusing to me. Yeah, the 'new look' that he introduced is there with that wasp waist, but I'd like to know if in fact Cole was the first or not to get Dior to design swimwear. 

And ladies, check out all the other wonderful nuances in this ad. Wear a scarf at your waist, which could be also used as a turban or for sun protection. And I am in love with that yellow coverup by Rochas in the upper right corner. It's described as having sunray pleats. What a fabulous term!!! As always you can click on any images to enlarge them.

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