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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vintage Chanel Sports Costume Swimsuit Fashion Paper Dolls

This weekend I picked up a paperback book of Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls in Full Color by Tom Tierney.There are some pretty fabulous illustrations to share.
Left: Sports costume for Diaghilev's ballet Le Train blue, 1924.
Right: Sports costume for Le Train blue, 1924. 
Left: The first beach pajamas, which broke the taboo against women wearing slacks and made them a fashion item, 1929.
Right: Black silk crepe evening dress trimmed with black ostrich feathers and matching feather cape.

One of Chanel's few wedding dresses, a satin gown exemplifying her genius at using white as a glamour color, 1931.
Left: Columnar accordion-pleated gown enhanced by crystal beading, with a cape trimmed in chinchilla, 1938.
Right: "Gypsy Look" evening gown from Chanel's last collection before the fall of France and the closing of her salon, 1939.

There you go, do you have a favorite?

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osovictoria said...

Love paper dolls and these are fantastic!