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Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Maidenform Bra Advertisement - 1961 - Chariots of Fire


This past weekend I picked up quite a few vintage magazines. I love reading them, the stories, the ads, the prices, the pictures! This one caught my eye with it's fabulousness. First off, great inspiration for a Halloween costume don't you think? Secondly, did you know Maidenform did swimwear? YUP! I have a couple of swimsuits in my -not listed yet- inventory, I really should pull them to shoot for you all. But I digress, back to this fabulous ad.

Whomever came up with this concept and the tag line is brilliant! Her red cape, lapels and arm cuff bracelets frame that pointy cup white bra in a way that makes you look at her bust line and take notice, and that tag line supports it all the more. She in charge of her chariot and is leading the pack in a happy, yet somewhat dreamy way.

Let's check the details. 'Butterfly Insert' to adjust the size and fit of each cup as it uplifts and separates?  It's hard to tell but it looks like a partial under-wire. Not your circle stitch bra to keep your points, they look sewn from the outside in to the center. And look, Maidenform is calling Spandex new in 1961, and even giving it it's own trade name - 'Vyrene'.

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