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Friday, July 24, 2015

Carolyn Schnurer Translates her Gold Coast Memo's into Fashion

Carolyn Schnurer only had a short visit into the fashion industry from 1944 - 1964 during her lifetime. Her career travels took her to many exotic places which in turn were inspiration for her clothing designs. Many of these trips were sponsored by stores such as Peck & Peck with other support coming from the textile design companies that helped to create her work. Dan River, Fuller, Bates, Arthur Beir, and Hollander were among the companies she worked with to develop textiles based on the motifs which filled her travel notebooks.

Here we see 9 different looks inspired by her travels. As always you can click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Carolyn Schnurer Coordinating Designs

Carolyn Schnurer (1908 - 1998) born and raised in NY. She taught art and music before turning to sportswear design in 1940. She taught at New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology and was instrumental in changing women's fashions in beachwear and sportswear, designing complete outfits, and adapting the two-piece bathing suit for the United States market. For these innovations her designs appeared in the pages of ''Vogue'', ''Harper's Bazaar'' and ''Life'' magazines, as well as on the covers. The Awards presented to her from Coty, The Cotton Council, International Sportswear, Miami Sportswear, and Boston Sportswear were among other special recognitions for her achievements.

I happened to go to the High Style Exhibit at the San Francisco legion of Honor last week and saw these two pieces from her. The bathing suit is dated 1950 and the dress I believe said 1953. Regardless, they are both stunning and from the same collection. Schnurer had a knack for producing coordinating outfits based on her travel inspirations. Aren't they beautiful?

Schnurer's designs were based on the classic American silhouette at the time while incorporating many of the cultural influences from her travels in either fabrics or construction details.

We will explore more of Carolyn's work later this week.